A mostrar mensagens de Janeiro, 2012

Pré aviso de Greve na NAV

Já há NOTAM:

A0353/12 - due to ats and maintenance staff industrial action the following
minimum ats will be assured:
1. Overflights entering santa maria oceanic fir until the initial
time of any of the specified time periods will not be affected.
Those flights will be accepted on their proposed routes and any
profile change will also be accepted.
2. Overflights planning to enter santa maria oceanic fir during the
specified time periods will only be accepted on the following routes
with no other restrictions.
- route a - 45n020w 40n030w 37n040w - this route will be published
on ots messages.
- route b - detox 39n020w 36n030w 34n040w.
- route c - lutak 36n020w 33n030w 29n040w.
- route d - ultem 27n040w.
3. Inbound flights to azores airports will only be accepted if
entering santa maria oceanic fir and landing at their destination
airports outside the specified time periods.
4. Internal flights between the azores islands airports and other
flights planning to depart from the azores airports must plan the…