24 abril 2016


A USAF anda por estes dias com 4 C-130 pelo Grupo Central e Oriental. Fica o registo da passagem de hoje pelo aeródromo do Pico:


Está previsto o seu regresso amanhã pelo início da tarde.

3 comentários:

Marcus disse...

Did they stop and get off or just do a circuit and bump?

Rui Medeiros disse...

Just circuits and touch and goes.

Marcus disse...

When I was a teen in the Air Cadets in GB they used us as ballast in an RAF Herc doing circuits and bumps at night for 2.5 hours. It's very nosy in the back (earplugs) and a lot of cadets were airsick. They let us go in the cockpit for a minute though which was quite an experience. It's like standing in a greenhouse with all sorts of coloured buttons and lights and the horizon just tilts as you turn.