Adiós Mallorca

This post is in English because I want everyone concerned to be able to understand this without the help of Google translator!
So it’s time to say goodbye to Mallorca… I must say I was not expecting to feel this melancholic about leaving this island… So here are the highlights of the last 3 months.

First the internship was a good experience, they didn’t make me work very hard and I got to work at an Airport! I mean, you know when you get out of the bed, feeling it’s not going to be a good day and then you take the bus with a sleepy face, wishing to still be in bed? Well it happens here to, but then… The highway passes through the approach path to runway 06L, everything is wet from the rain that has stopped a few hours ago, and a 757 passes by, leaving graceful vortices, made visible by the condensation, in a stunning sunrise light! That just makes my day! But I don’t even need that much, some days you don’t see any planes on final, but when the bus arrives and opens the doors and you smell the distinctive Jet A1 in the morning air… That always makes me smile while I quote Apocalypse Now in my head, only changing Napalm to Jet A1.
Apart from that, across the hall from where I sit, it’s the operations room, with a view to the apron and one of the runways! They also got a radar screen to check on incoming traffic, so when I could I would peek inside to see what was going on. I also had access to the meteorological data and every morning went to the briefing about the out of ordinary stuff that happened the day before. Cool stuff! Well, at least some times!
I also had the opportunity to visit the apron, the air traffic control center, including the tower, and the Spanair hangar. (Thanks Edi for this last one!)
For all this I would like to thank everyone at AENA one building, who made my stay this nice and where always ready to help me when I needed. It was a pleasure to have known you all!

And then I had the free time in Mallorca! Paid vacations, as some of my friends suggested! I must say I agree! This is for sure a good place to visit if you like to go to the beach. While some places are overcrowded with German and British tourists, there are still a lot of places where you can find a quiet beach with calm, warm and clear waters! For 2 and half months I only saw rain 2 days… Then the thunderstorms arrived to ruin this statistic, but still, it’s a very sunny place!
But Mallorca isn’t just about the beaches, there are also some small cities that are very worth a visit, Palma itself has a lot to offer to visitors and there’s also some typical dishes to try. If you would like to know more, go talk to your travel agent :P
All in all, if finding work here weren’t so complicated due to the transfer of Spanair facilities to Barcelona, I would consider working here, so yes, it's that good. For those of you that are now wondering if it’s really me writing this, well, Pico is still Pico ;)

And last, but probably the most important thing at Mallorca that made it seem so good to me, I had my friends! It’s hard to put down to words all that I want to thank you for, so I’ll just say this 3 months couldn’t be the same without you and I enjoyed every moment we spend together. You all know you are more than welcome to come and visit me, wherever I may end up, but I sure would like to have the opportunity to see you at Pico and I hope our paths cross again in the future! Thank you all for everything!


Valter Medeiros disse…
Parabéns pelo estágio bem passado!
Qunado é que vens ao Pico?
Tenho novas grutas para explorar e cabeços aos montes pra subir hehe
Anónimo disse…
Sho Rui!! Pra quem tava na duvida de que ia ser uma estafa 3 meses em Palma, até foste bem servido! eheheh. Epá, tens que vir cá com o teu avião. Temos ido para umas pistas de aeromodelismo aqui à roda de Aveiro com o avião do Daniel. Sempre é melhor que no Pico... não há moitas LOL
Abraço! ;)
Resendes disse…
Epá, é bom ver que te divertiste! Agora é voltar po Pico que precisamos é de gente interessada e capaz nos Açores!